Clap for Classics!

Early childhood music classes in West Roxbury, MA

Clap for Classics! classes are an introduction to the joy of music-making!

Children and parents will be introduced to foundational musical concepts

in a fun environment, through traditional folk songs, children’s songs and

classical music, all explored through singing, movement, and active listening. 

These experiences lay a foundation for any child to continue studying

and appreciating music throughout his or her life.


Select the class level below that your little one best fits into, and plan to come enjoy a stimulating musical experience together.

Beethoven’s Babes (0-18 months)

These 45-minute classes are a great way to incorporate music and socializing into the precious early experiences of your baby’s life. You will learn songs that you can sing at home, interact with your baby in a musical way, and give your baby some early exposure to great classical music. Parachute activities are also included.


Toddlers in Treble (18-36 months)

Your toddler will love singing, moving, and playing along with the songs we sing and hear in these 45-minute classes. They will begin to learn basic musical concepts through active participation in classical music, folk songs and children’s songs. Props and instruments are eagerly anticipated in every class, as well as parachute activities.


Mini Mozarts (preschool ages 3-5)

Preschoolers will enjoy singing, dancing, and instrument playing each week in these 45-minute classes. They will experience great classical music, gain a foundation of rhythmic understanding, and basic sight-singing.  In addition to the musical enrichment, you and your child will benefit from the social and developmental experiences in this engaging class.

We do Birthday Parties too!

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