Lesson Information


Lessons are currently taking place remotely, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Read my studio contract, for policies dealing with payment,

practice, and attendance.



Contact me for details about tuition rates. Tuition is generally paid at the beginning of each month, or at the beginning of the semester for a larger block of lessons.



Lesson times range from 30-60 minutes. I generally recommend 30 minute lessons for students under age 8, 45 minute lessons for students 8 and above, and 60 minute lessons for more serious students of any age.

Adaptive Piano Lessons

We offer adaptive piano lessons for special learners who are challenged by the traditional piano teaching methods. Click here to learn more.


Schedule and frequency

  • Lessons occur weekly with a few exceptions throughout the school year. You’ll be given a calendar at the beginning of the school year.

  • Students attend group classes during the year in addition to their private lessons, where they get to perform for one another and participate in group learning activities. Group classes are a wonderful way to inspire and motivate students, and build community.

  • At least 2 public performances are held each year. Past studio recitals have been held at Deutsches Altenheim (“German Centre” - assisted living home) and the parish hall at the Theodore Parker Unitarian Church, both in West Roxbury.

  • Summer lessons are highly encouraged, and scheduling is flexible.


Practice commitments

Students who engage in consistent, focused practice will progress faster and have more FUN playing piano! I ask for a family commitment to practice a minimum of 5 days a week at home. You’ll leave each lesson with an assignment list, so you’ll always know just what to practice.


Adult Piano Lessons

Adult students are often some of our favorites to work with. Whether you have never played, and always wanted to learn, or have years of experience in your past and want a fresh perspective on your technique and musicianship, we love working with committed adult students. Contact me, and let me know what YOU want to get out of lessons. Chances are, we can help you and we’ll have a great time at the piano together!


I’m Interested! What do I do?

Contact me with some basic information about the potential student (whether you or your child) and any questions you might have. I will set up a phone conversation with you, and we can schedule a trial lesson to determine whether one of our instructors will be a good fit.